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Are Sword Canes Legal in the United States?


Many states consider sword canes to be "concealed weapons", in which case, carrying one around could result in a fine or even an arrest.

This is a general guideline - you should always check with your local DPS (Department of Public Safety) on the regulations in your state.

It should also be noted that the laws may differ between owning a sword cane and being able to carry one in public. For example, California laws prohibit sword canes from being sold or owned, so even owning one could get you into trouble.

For our international customers, the same guidelines apply – check your country/state laws and always ask if you are not sure, but in general, sword canes fall into the “concealed carry” category. Some countries even prohibit importing sword canes - Germany and United Kingdom, for example.

A sword cane (sometimes called 'cane sword' usually is a functional walking cane with a concealed double-edged blade inside. Sometimes sword canes also have an additional spike concealed as well. They are very useful for self defense and are equally sturdy and similar weight to a regular walking cane.

Damascus Taiji Sword Cane w/ Knife by Dragon King

Damascus Taiji Sword Cane

Axios Forged Sword Cane

Axios Forged Sword Cane

Sword canes are also great collector’s items for sword collectors – they have a very unique look to them and can be highly functional swords in their own right.

You have a right to protect yourself, but make sure you do so in accordance with state laws.

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