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Samurai Swords

Paul Chen Hanwei Samurai swords are the best production Japanese swords in the world today. Each Hanwei Samurai sword is forged out of the best materials that can be found and can rival (and even exceed) those made from the Japanese master smiths of old.

Each Hanwei Japanese sword, wakizashi and tanto are hand forged from high carbon steels like 1060, T10, 1095 and in the higher-end line, L6 Bainite and tamahagane. Paul Chen has devoted his life to making the most authentic samurai swords at a price that is not out of reach for the normal consumer. Hanwei has even opened a forge dedicated to making advances in metalurgy for their new line of high alloy cutting swords and have developed some proprietary steels such as HWS1 and HWS2. We are proud to carry the full Paul Chen Hanwei Samurai sword line.

A wise man once said that a samurai's sword is an extension of his body and soul. It is, therefore, very important to consider your options and decide on the right sword for you. Paul Chen Hanwei carries a wide variety of Japanese swords for a variety of different purposes and at a variety of budgets.


Paul Chen Hanwei Swords have a wide variety of katanas, wakizashis and tantos. Starting with the very affordable "Practical" line-up which are great for anyone looking for a quality katana without a lot of the flashiness. Right up to the L6 Bainite line-up for those that want not only beauty but also the best and most durable steel on the market. 

Citidel Katanas are limited-edition and among the best katanas we carry. These swords are made by master swordsmiths in Cambodia out of only premium materials. If you want the best, and something that will be uniquely yours forever, definitely check out Citidel.

Dragon King began by making individual custom swords but now has a line of katanas and wakizashis that are accessible to most of our customers. Expect quality, consistency and value from Dragon King. 

If you need help picking a samurai sword or or have any specific questions, you can contact our customer service team.